Duowin® Products

Duowin® is a vertical sliding window system that has one or more sliding sashes. Duowin® systems can be used with both traditional balance systems and electrical motors.

You can choose between different Duowin® window styles:

  •     Duowin® is the basic traditional sash window system made of aluminum profiles with thermal barriers and dedicated accessories.
  •     Duowin® Plus is the motorized version of Duowin®, made of common aluminum profiles with double pane glazing. Electrical motor opens new possiblities to windows including higher and wider dimensions.
  •     Duowin® Plus Eco is economically revised version of Duowin® Plus, still with double pane glazing.
  •     Duowin® Plus Super Eco is the thinnest and most economical system in motorized vertical sliding window market.