Aluminum Sash Window

Duowin is a vertical sliding window system that has one or
more sliding sashes.

Movable Sashes

Each of the two sashes of Duowin could move

Safe Use 

Sashes could stay at the point where they are released
thanks to the carrier mechanisms .
This feature enables window to be used safely and opened up
to desired height

Performance Test and CE Declaration

iFT Rosenheim Performance test result of Duowin Aluminium Sash Window Systems is shown below.

Air Permeability
Class 2
Water Tightness
Class 5A
Resistance to Wind Load
Class C4/B4


Cleaning Friendly 

Both of the sashes of Duowin are able to be tilted.
This enables the outer surfaces of the window to be
cleaned easily.


Color Options

Duowin could be produced in any color thanks to powder
coating and anodized coating.



Thermal Break 

Duowin could be used under different climate conditions
thanks to thermally insulated profiles and double pane

Thermally insulated profiles

- have high wind resistance force,

- do not sweat,

- are appropriate to fire codes


Glazing Options

Suitable to different climate conditions thanks to the
thermally insulated glazing frame profiles that could be used
with several glaze thicknesses.